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Changing the lives of young people burdened with a life-threatening disease like cancer takes a community. From a simple donation to an hour of your time, your support is needed to bring hope, comfort, education and valuable, life-enhancing opportunities to younger generations and the people who love them.

If you value our mission and want to be a part of a national movement that’s working to change the landscape of AYA cancer care, then we want to hear from you.

What we envision for AYAs in our community

  • Increased AYA cancer awareness

    among healthcare professionals, healthy AYAs and the community at large

  • Reduced delays in diagnoses

    to treat earlier-staged cancers and improve the odds of AYA survival and quality of life

  • Fertility risk counseling and preservation

    offered to all AYA patients who might otherwise become infertile as a result of treatment

  • Increased AYA enrollment in clinical trials

    to maximize access to cutting-edge, potentially life-saving research

  • Collaborative AYA Care

    guided by multi-disciplinary AYA tumor board discussion of evidence of best outcomes in AYAs and attention to tumor biology and patient pharmacodynamics

  • Age-relevant education and resources

    including genetic counseling, made available to all AYA patients

  • Developmentally-appropriate and holistic Psychosocial support

    for every patient, to address the unique needs of AYAs

  • Raised attention to AYA logistical issues

    to assist with complex, “real-world” issues that include insurance, finances, school, work, childcare and transportation

  • Increased Peer and social support

    to provide more enouragement, inspire hope and reduce the occurrences of AYA social isolation following a cancer diagnosis

  • Support for AYA caregivers

    to ensure the needs of all patient spouses, significant others, children and parents are not overlooked

  • A focus on survivorship and late effect issues

    including pediatric-to-AYA and AYA-to-older adult transitions of care, to enhance the quantity and quality of life for all AYA patients

  • Opportunities for a better future

    so young people not only survive but thrive after cancer

You can Help!

When an AYA is diagnosed with cancer, their family often doesn’t know what they don’t know. Some might never realize there’s a community ready and willing to support them. We need your help getting the word out about our organization and the unique resources and support we offer young adults in our community. Here are a few ways you can directly or indirectly help us make an impact.

We rely on the generous financial gifts of our community to fund life-enhancing programs and resources for local AYAs diagnosed with cancer. You can donate online, make a pledge or offer indirect financial support. No gift is too small.

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Our coalition was built by the passion, hard work and commitment of community volunteers like you. Whether you want to help with our programs, offer one-time event support or more, you can help. Let us know

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You, your friends, family, company and colleagues all have the power to fund life-enhancing services for AYAs. Hold your own fundraising event, join one of our exciting events or create an annual tribute or foundation in honor of a loved one.

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Volunteers make a big difference in the lives of AYAs. We rely on volunteers to help out in the office, mentor AYAs, organize events, and to help educate the community on cancer prevention, treatment, and support for young people.

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