A treatment “Home” for Young adults

The FWAYAOC unit provides our community an age-relevant treatment “home” for AYA-specialized oncology care, where the unique medical, biological and psychosocial differences in young people are understood, acknowledged and addressed as a priority instead of an afterthought. It enables the efficient delivery of support and resources to patients who might not otherwise know they exist. Most importantly, our unit provides young people a place of empowerment, where they can safely and confidently navigate the significant social, financial, physical and emotional burdens that arrive with a cancer diagnosis.

If you have a young adult cancer patient between the ages of 18 and 29, consider admitting them to our unit for their inpatient and outpatient needs. Below, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about our unit, admitting a patient and patient care. You can also learn more about the amenities and functionality of our unit by clicking the image.

Click the image to learn more about our AYA unit

frequently asked questions