AYA Awareness Week

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April 5th – April 11th

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While we still don’t know why young people get many of the cancers that affect them, there are some that are preventable. The HPV vaccine prevents ovarian cancers and research suggests that it will also prevent genital, oral, and throat cancers. Many skin cancers can be prevented by sun protection and sun bed regulation. A heathy diet and exercise are increasingly recognized as important factors in cancer prevention. Screening programs for cancers such as breast and colon can detect cancer and precancerous conditions. Young people who have had cancer may need earlier and more frequent screening for secondary cancers and other health risks such as heart disease. If you have a question or a concern make it a priority to have your self checked out. 

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4th Annual Life Size Pong Tournament
And Social

Register as a Team or Come Watch the Competition
Enjoy the Fun, Food, and Friends

Wild Acre Brewery
Sunday, April 5

AYA Awareness Week

Mix and Mingle
Frogs Fighting Cancer Social
Dutch’s on S University Dr
Monday, April 6 

AYA Awareness Week

Central Market Tour
Moncrief Cancer Institute
Wednesday April 8
Time TBD

AYA Awareness Week

Trivia and Awareness Night
Fort Brewery & Pizza
Thursday, April 9

AYA Awareness Week

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An AYA’s Journey and Round Table
Monday, April 6th
11:00 AM – 2:00PM
Audience: Students and Providers

AYA Awareness Week

AYA Unit Tours
Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center
Tuesday, April 7th
10 AM-12 PM
Audience: Providers

AYA Awareness Week


Cook Children’s Medical Center
Wednesday, April 8th
12:30 – 1:30 PM
Audience: Students, Providers, AYAs

AYA Awareness Week

AYA Patient Panel

Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center  
Thursday April 9th
12-1 PM
Audience: STAFF

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